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July 25, 2017

Transformer failure at Felman’s SiMn plant to cause production losses

There was a transformer failure at Felman Production’s New Haven, WV, silicomanganese smelter. At least one furnace has been affected and the unit will be closed for at least three weeks. The company now estimates that production losses will be around 5,000 tons but that could change if the unit is out longer than expected.

On July 9, an initial event occurred which resulted in an arcing of the furnace’s power buss. Following a successful restart of the furnace a week later on July 16, the same furnace experienced another arc in its power buss, which consequently led to a transformer failure, on July 18th. During the plant shut down and repair period, Felman engineering personnel are working to repair the furnace’s buss and change out its transformer.

Felman is notifying customers regarding any potential impact the plant shut down will have on their current or future orders. It is not known if Felman declared force majeure.