Ryan’s Notes
June 27, 2014

SiMn prices hold

Prices for silicomanganese markets were holding level, week-on-week, as buyers closed a few inquiries and tenders for material. In the US, a buyer concluded near the bottom of the CRU Ryan's Notes' range of 57-61 cents per lb, ex-warehouse. The range could likely consolidate further as the most recent transaction has settled beneath 60 cents per lb, ex-warehouse. As has been the case, while spot market activity has reduced greatly, contract business was still relatively firm last week.

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June 25, 2014
By Bob Matyi, with Anthony Poole in New York

Felman's West Virginia silicomanganese plant unlikely to restart before July: AEP

Felman Production's idled 105,000 mt/year silicomanganese plant in New Haven, West Virginia, is unlikely to be restarted until July at the earliest because a special electricity rate contract recently signed by the company and its power provider has yet to be filed with state regulators, Appalachian Power said.

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American Metal Market
June 23, 2014
By Daniel Fitzgerald

 SiMn mart bearish ahead of Felman planned restart

NEW YORK - Silicomanganese market sentiment is trending towards bearish, with an expected restartof Felman Production LLC prompting spot prices to firm below 60 cents per pound.

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Charleston Daily Mail
June 22, 2014
By Jared Hunt

Felman rate plan almost complete

Appalachian Power and Felman Production plan to have a new power rate agreement filed with the state Public Service Commission by the end of the month.

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Ryan’s Notes
June 20, 2014

GAA reduces SiMn production in Georgia

Georgian American Alloys (GAA) reported that it has reduced silicomanganese production at the company's Georgian operations by idling one of its furnaces. A time period for when the furnace would resume normal operations was not indicated; the company commented in its press release that cessation was indefinite. The idling was effective June 1, 2014.

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