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GAA/CCMA discusses takeover and future

October 29, 2012

 Following the internal takeover of CCMA by Georgian American Alloys (GAA), Ryan’s Notes sat down with Gary Joiner, CCMA plant manager and Barry Nuss, GAA’s CFO, to discuss the ferrosilicon market and GAA/CCMA.

 RN: What do you foresee the future of CC Metals and Alloys to be under your control?

 Barry Nuss: Prior to the acquisition, when CCMA and GAA existed as separate legal entities, it was difficult to realize all of the potential supply chain, transportation and production synergies between the companies. Now that CCMA joins Felman Production and Felman Trading under the GAA umbrella, we can further leverage the combined production and distribution resources of the companies to better serve our customers with cost-efficient, technically proficient streamlined operations.

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