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October 8, 2014
By Bob Matyi

Eramet says no operational changes since Felman restart

US manganese alloys producer Eramet Marietta has not altered its operations or the product mix of silicomanganese and ferromanganese at its Marietta, Ohio, plant because of Felman Production's recent restart in neighboring West Virginia, a company spokeswoman said.

Eramet Marietta will continue for the rest of the year to operate two furnaces: one producing silicomanganese; the other ferromanganese, Joy Frank-Collins, the spokeswoman, said.

Eramet Marietta and Felman are the only two silicomanganese producers in the US.

Frank-Collins said the French-owned company had yet to decide whether it will restart Furnace 18, which has been out of service since March 2010, when a pressure buildup blew material off its top.

While repairs to Furnace 18 and a future restart cannot be ruled out, she acknowledged there was no indication such a move would come soon.

Eramet Marietta does not disclose capacity or sales figures. In ferrmanganese, it concentrates on producing medium- and low-carbon ferromanganese, using its own high-carbon ferromanganese, which it then refines.

In early August, Felman resumed producing silicomanganese at its 105,000 mt/year plant in New Haven, West Virginia, after the facility was idled for about a year.

Two of the plant's three furnaces are running. There is no indication when the third furnace may be restarted.

The domestic market for silicomanganese is about 400,000 mt/year.