Ryan’s Notes
March 10, 2014

US Commerce releases FeSi duties 

The US Department of Commerce released its preliminary determination of antidumping duties on Russian and Venezuelan ferrosilicon. The Department reported 0% duties on Russian ferrosilicon, and 27.27% on Venezuelan ferrosilicon. The next stages of the investigation will take a deeper look into the reported figures, and a final determination is anticipated in May.

Leading up to the determination, there was no change in the price for standard grade ferrosilicon in the US, which held at 98-100 cents per lb, ex-warehouse or producing plant. While demand for ferrosilicon has remained stable, particularly for contract volumes, spot demand was sporadic over the past several weeks. With preliminary figures being public knowledge, some anticipated that prices will rise in the near future as a direct result of the findings.

Through the end of March, US sellers anticipate a rise in orders, as many domestic mills have reported intentions to seek substantial volumes to supplement intake via contract sales. The most recent sales averaged 40-100 tons in the current CRU Ryan's Notes' price range.