Ryan’s Notes
June 20, 2014

GAA reduces SiMn production in Georgia

Georgian American Alloys (GAA) reported that it has reduced silicomanganese production at the company's Georgian operations by idling one of its furnaces. A time period for when the furnace would resume normal operations was not indicated; the company commented in its press release that cessation was indefinite. The idling was effective June 1, 2014.

GAA is the parent company of Felman Production LLC, as well as CC Metals and Alloys LLC, Felman Trading, Inc, and Georgian Manganese LLC. The furnace in question is located within the company's Zestafoni Ferroalloy Plant.

During the idling, GAA reported that it intends to upgrade the furnace to increase its efficiency. Total impact to output was expected to be 2,500 mt per month, according to the company's release. Total annual production is approximately 180,000 mt of silicomanganese.