Ryan’s Notes
July 14, 2014

Global SiMn prices consolidate

Prices for silicomanganese have consolidated across Europe and the US. In Europe, weekly transactions were completed in the range of €810-840 per mt, DDP, while some smaller volumes in Scandinavia and southeastern Europe were transacted slightly higher. Despite additional claims with regard to even lower figures, it is unlikely that the market price in Europe will fluctuate much for the coming weeks as spot business is likely to further curtail.

In the US market, multiple deals in the past two weeks have consolidated at the lower end of the CRU Ryan’s Notes’ range. With business beginning to further decrease as mills enter the summer months, prices have narrowed to 57-59₵ per lb, exwarehouse. Meanwhile, many sources reported steady projections for forecasted intake volumes through much of the summer. Despite the drop in spot activity, downstream intake should hold firmer than many had previously expected. With the restart of Felman Production in West Virginia, some importers may be strategically evaluating their stocks and exposure to the summertime market. Despite the decline in prices from a high of 61₵ per lb that persisted for many weeks, no great alteration was expected in the coming weeks.