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By Daniel Fitzgerald

May 21, 2013 

Felman Production plans to idle furnace, cut stuff 

   NEY YORK – Felman Production LLC will idle one of its three electric-arc furnaces May 31 and has already begun reducing its work force, citing a recent decline in silicomanganese prices as a primary factor for the cost-cutting. 

  The New Haven, W.Va. – based company will conduct planned maintenance work one furnace at a time until September 2013, when it will leave one furnace idle if economic conditions have not improved.

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Ryan's Notes

May 16, 2013

Following Georgian American Alloys’ acquisition of Georgian Manganese, Ryan’s Notes was once again able to sit down with GAA’s President and CEO, Mordechai Korf, to discuss the GAA’s strategy. 

Ryan's Notes: What was GAA’s reasoning behind the decision to acquire Georgian Manganese? GAA already had operational control over GM and it was the largest single importer for quite some time. 

Korf: Having previously provided management oversight of GM, we were intimately familiar with the business and its inherent potential. Through this strategic and highly complementary acquisition, we will be able to fully realize all the potential synergies that could only be achieved through ownership. For instance, we are now able to control all facets of the production process, providing us with operational advantages and compelling cost synergies, which will be passed along to customers. Furthermore, we plan to maximize GM’s growth potential by providing the capital and other resources necessary to create more efficient production capacity. This will not only serve our company well, but the entire country of Georgia. Also, the rare combination of a mine, refining facility and power plant made the acquisition attractive to us. By controlling all aspects of the silicomanganese production process, we believe we can achieve significant cost and operational advantages, providing us with a compelling competitive edge.  

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Ryan’s Notes

GAA/CCMA discusses takeover and future

October 29, 2012

 Following the internal takeover of CCMA by Georgian American Alloys (GAA), Ryan’s Notes sat down with Gary Joiner, CCMA plant manager and Barry Nuss, GAA’s CFO, to discuss the ferrosilicon market and GAA/CCMA.

 RN: What do you foresee the future of CC Metals and Alloys to be under your control?

 Barry Nuss: Prior to the acquisition, when CCMA and GAA existed as separate legal entities, it was difficult to realize all of the potential supply chain, transportation and production synergies between the companies. Now that CCMA joins Felman Production and Felman Trading under the GAA umbrella, we can further leverage the combined production and distribution resources of the companies to better serve our customers with cost-efficient, technically proficient streamlined operations.

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