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Metal Bulletin
March 18, 2015
By Ellie Wang

US anti-dumping probe on Australian SiMn to have little impact on China

The US decision to start an anti-dumping probe into Australia-origin silico-manganese will have little influence on Chinese producers, according to analysts.

The US Commerce Department has initiated an anti-dumping duty investigation into silico-manganese imports from Australia following a petition from Felman Production LLC.

"The self-sufficiency rate of silico-manganese is nearly 100% in China, and the domestic market is seriously over-supplied. But due to a 20% export tax, there is no economic advantage in shipping overseas. As a result, there have been few silico-manganese exports, and none to the USA," SMM analyst Jiang Hanmei said.

"There is also no need at all for China to import silico-manganese from Australia or other countries, and Australian silico-manganese won’t come to China even if it has been refused by the USA," another analyst said.

Fierce competition between domestic mills and aggressive price-cutting have effectively left no room for imported silico-manganese, he said.

In 2014, China's silico-manganese output totalled around 10 million tonnes, according to an SMM survey.

In 2014, China’s exports of silico-manganese totalled 3,429 tonnes, according to Chinese customs. Export destinations mainly include Taiwan and Mongolia. None was exported to the USA.

In 2015, the Chinese government kept the export duty on silico-manganese at 20%.

In 2014, China’s imports of silico-manganese totalled just 861 tonnes, according to Chinese customs.