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Ryan’s Notes
September 28, 2015

DOC sets duties on Australian SiMn

Late last week, the US Department of Commerce reported preliminary duties on Australian silicomanganese. Last Monday, CRU Ryan's Notes noted that the preliminary duty was levied at 11.93% for Tasmanian Electro Metallurgical Company (TEMCO) of South32. Because TEMCO was the only mandatory respondent in the case (no other producer exists), the 11.93% duty applies to all other producers/exporters of Australia. Commerce has subsequently instructed the US Customs and Border Protection to collect the cash deposits at the preliminary rate.

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September 23, 2015


The headline on an article in the Sept. 14,2015, edition incorrectly stated that the U.S. Commerce Department's anti-dumping duty order on silicomanganese imports from Kazakhstan had been rescinded. As the article correctly stated, it was the administrative review that was withdrawn, not the duty order.



September 21, 2015
Dan Izraeli

Australian silicomanganese dumping found

NEW YORK — Australian silicomanganese is being dumped in the U.S. market, the Commerce Department said in a preliminary anti-dumping determination Sept. 18.

Tasmanian Electro Metallurgical Co. Pty Ltd. (Temco), the sole respondent in the investigation, received a preliminary dumping margin of 11.93 percent. As a result, Commerce will instruct U.S. Customs and Border Protection to require cash deposits based on these preliminary rates.

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September 18, 2015
By Anthony Poole

 US Dept of Commerce gives Australian SiMn 11.93% preliminary dumping margin

The US Department of Commerce has issued a preliminary determination on imports of silicomanganese from Australia, with a dumping margin of 11.93%, the department said September 18.

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September 14, 2015
By Meiling Toh

Kazakhstan silicomanganese duties nixed

NEW YORK—The U.S. Commerce Department has rescinded an administrative review of an anti-dumping duty order on silicomanganese imports from Kazakhstan.

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